Traffic Management

  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Local area traffic calming
  • Adaptive traffic engineering
  • Safety and capacity analysis
  • Concept reports
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Help Phones
  • Variable Messages Signs (VMS)
  • Variable Speed Limits (VSLS)
  • Lane Control

Our staff offer a high level of expertise in Traffic Management engineering and road operations.  Our depth of experience includes analysis through to design for pedestrian traffic solutions, traffic calming schemes, traffic control devices, line-marking and signage schemes, Intelligent Transport Solutions, route optimisation of signalised networks and more. 

The term Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) can include a range of devices that collect data or information from the road environment, deliver information or provide the means for assistance to the road user, or provide control of traffic systems based on actual traffic conditions.

ITS can be applied to small traffic systems such as car parks to manage traffic flow or provide information to visitors.  ITS can also be applied to high volume road systems by implementing intelligent systems to deliver managed motorway solutions.


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