We design systems for the transport infrastructure industry. The systems include: Traffic Signals, Intelligent Transport Systems, and Lighting.

Trafflec’s traffic signal designers are some of the industry’s best.  We work with some of the country’s largest design firms.  

Our team is often called upon to design the most complex of installations that include:

  • Busways
  • Intersections and interchanges
  • Ramp Metering
  • Special controls (SPIPS & SPOPS)
  • Integration with rail crossings
  • Red light camera integration

Our traffic signal designs are compliant with the following asset owner standards:

  • NSW State Government
  • QLD State Government
  • QLD Local Authorities
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Northern Territory Government
  • Australian Capital Territory

ITS designs

We undertake design, and D & C of ITS systems that are ultimately owned by government authorities.   In fact, some of our designs are the adopted standard of state government regions.

The systems we design include:

  • CCTV systems
  • Optical fibre networks
  • Data networks and switches to support active roadside devices
  • Electrical reticulation

Roadway Lighting

Often forming part of the traffic signal design scope, roadway lighting is undertaken by specialist lighting partners with which Trafflec has long associations.  For such projects, Trafflec coordinates the integration of the designs to deliver the most cost effective use of shared infrastructure.   

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